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John "Stump" Griffis - Stump began his career in engine building at the age of 18 when he got his first car, a 1964 Chevy Impala SS.  After working at a couple of different professions, he came to find his calling at Rebel in 1991 and later bought the business from his father-in-law, Bill.  Stump is dedicated to building quality engines and heads for you just as he would build for his own project vehicles, currently a couple of Model A's. 
Joe Griffis - Joe came to Rebel in 1995 while he was still in high school.  After graduation and a short period in the armed services, he is now full time.  Although Joe can do all aspects of engine and head work, he is our block specialist, decking, boring, honing, line boring.  He is also a master engine builder and once all parts are ready for assembly, you will find him in the build room, putting it all together.  In his spare time, Joey enjoys fishing, hunting and just being outdoors!
Georgia Griffis, Stump's wife, Bill's daughter and Joe's mom, is really the mastermind behind the entire business and if you don't believe it, just ask her!  With many years in the office management and legal secretarial field, Georgia runs the office at Rebel, and is in charge of everything from bidding jobs to paying all those pesky bills!  She also created this website and keeps it updated and is the author of everything you see on the site!
Bill Johnson (1927 - 2017) - Bill began his machine shop career at the age of 16 working at J. B. Cook grinding crankshafts.  From there he worked for Mincey's Machine Shop and International Harvester.  With almost 60 years in the business, he has literally bored thousands of engine blocks, sized more rods than he cares to mention and built many, many engines.  Bill opened Rebel Rebuilders, Inc., in 1986 and worked full time in the business until 1998 when he sold to his daughter and son-in-law, Georgia and Stump.  Bill had vision and left his mark in this business which continues to thrive more than 30 years later.
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